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A location so exclusive, GY can only cook local.

No wifi but a brand new hotspot!

Mystery in the making…

Still giant from a far!

You can’t get warmer…

You got a new neighbor.

Giant’s Yard, one tasty trip for those rainy Sundays.

Presumably gravitating around one monument of bricks, shaped like a giant’s head, Giant’s Yard seems to be scheduled to be one of those pleasant touristic journeys. Posters, giant advertisement biscuits, making-of material, construction snapshots, etc… for a few months now, number of documents have been spread, but the mystery remains. What is Giant’s Yard? Some speculate while others question the actual opening of these giant doors.

By following the web address drawn in royal icing on each of the ten biscuits of Giant’s Yard’s latest promotion piece, Please Disable your Adblock for Giant’s Yard, we however seem to get a clearer idea of the entreprise, still under construction today; announcing, nod to the skeptics, an opening in the Fall.

So let us stay patient!


  •  ♥ Le 116
  •  ♥ Diego Virgen
  •  ♥ Baptist Penetticobra


    March 12th - July 30th 2016

  • Social Food
    Le 116, Montreuil, France

Icing less…