Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette

Giant’s Yard
2017 Featurette
Adel Cersaque Lire en Français


Catering room


“One free visit will get you one free meal. In return, our staff will tightly seal in, lock up groups of visitors in private dining rooms, from starters to dessert. Shut in there they will be expected to drink, sure, eat, sure, but for the most part discuss and argue about day to day, regional political matters. Forks down, lunch over, doors unlock, everybody gets out. Easy as that.”

Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette introduces 7 visitors, invited to take part in the feedback session of an underway public institution: Giant’s Yard. Interviewed in talking heads, these characters will, one after the other, give their opinion on the matter. Allergic to food, claustrophobic, too lazy to care, hungry for more, these visitors will challenge every aspect of Giant’s Yard, and there won’t be any holding back.

Fully scripted, Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette puts forth Adel Cersaque’s doubts towards Giant’s Yard: the utopia of a political system with no representation (utopia developed throughout his study of political representation and monuments). Intertwined in between his own self-evaluation, Adel will give room to outside feedback sourced from; an international question/answer platform on which Adel had put fondamental Giant’s Yard related issues to the test.

Alton, Mercedes, Gil, Robert, Lauren, Laura and Jack are therefore the voices of dozens, from Paris, to Boston or Seoul.


    July 2017

  • Shot @ Ludlow Avenue

    September 2017

  • Sound mixing @ Capitaine Plouf studios


  • ♥♥ Morgane Le Doze
  • ♥♥ Nicolas Ghyselen
  • ♥♥ Andrés Baron
  • ♥ Lauren Manville
  • ♥ Jack Ryder
  • ♥ Mercedes Yearley
  • ♥ Queenie Tassel
  • ♥ Gil Soltz
  • ♥ Alton D.Terry
  • ♥ Robert Pickering
  • ♥ Laura England
  • ♥ Eloise Brink
  • ♥ Roger Surridge
  • ♥ Laura England

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