Giant’s Yard’s Giant Celebration Biscuit!

Giant’s Yard’s Giant
Celebration Biscuit!
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8 kg of flour! 4 kg of butter!

1.5 l of bottled eggwhites! 6 kg of icing sugar!

More than 170 chocolate bar size biscuits!

15 minutes life span…one hour of sugar high!

Giant’s Yard bakers have used…
— 8 kg of flour!
— 4 kg of butter!
— 2.5 kg of caster sugar!
— 6 kg of icing sugar!
— 1.5 l of egg whites!
…to build this 2 m² Celebration Biscuit!

On the 1st of March 2016, Adel Cersaque took on to offer to the public a ridiculously huge biscuit to devour as a first glimpse of his soon to be world famous Giant’s Yard. Announcing its upcoming opening, the enormous biscuit became the eatable game board of a one-time promotion event centered around one straightfoward question: What’s in the cake?

Leaded by a pushy, fake-smiling hostess, the public was encouraged to taste each of the 170 chocolat bar sized biscuits in order to answer to the enigma; as the printed advertisement table would progressively deliver the answer.

Each piece being individually fashioned with a unique combination of flours and spices (being the most essential components of the oldest pastry product of the western world: the biscuit) which, put together, would deliver the taste of a Gingerbread biscuit. The event was meant to result in an amusing confusion; which would be answered by the hostess’s conclusion speech:
“Don’t you worry, your tastebuds are fine! You’ve just cooked up one Giant gingerbread Giant altogether. Don’t you hesitate to make-out for the spices to mingle!”
And people did make out… though mostly thanks to the liquor.


    March 1st 2016

  • Double-D, exhibition around video artist Brice Dellsperger
    Le Carmen, Paris


  •  ♥ Matylda Taszycka
  •  ♥ Antoine Scalese
  •  ♥ together as Atomic Pictures
  •  ♥ Music (for) Eggplant
  •  ♥ Regina Demina
  •  ♥ Brice Dellsperger
  •  ♥ Sophie Rentien
  •  ♥ Raoul Audouin
  •  ♥ Baptist Penetticobra

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