The Giant’s Head

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The Giant’s head is the full size, 1:1 scale model of Giant’s Yard’s head shaped dining room. Built around a composite fiber wood and fake aluminium table, assembled to form the giant’s tongue; stands the giant structure. Appearing to be turned inside out, the crafted metal frame allows the truck tarp skin to hang. Nearly hidden from the outside, a thousand of hand glued cork bricks are waiting to form the background of a Giant’s Yard dinner.


    Since February 2017

  • Ludlow Avenue Offices, Paris.


  • ♥ Ironworker La Belle a Fer, thanks to the financial help of the Schueller Bettencourt Fondation and Marie Descourtieux
  • ♥ Thomas Noël
  • ♥ Sophie Rentien Lando
  • ♥ Gilles Drouault, from Galerie de Multiples

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