Giant’s Yard

1. Giant’s Yard’s Giant’s Head

2. Giant’s Yard 1:30 models

3. Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette

Giant’s Yard Adel Cersaque Lire en Français

1. a full scale model of a cylindrical monument,
shaped like a giant head of bricks

2.  a set of two 1:30 models,
designed to indicate the shape and scale of a monumental architecture
advertised as a touristic venue to be visited for free

3. a 14'' short film, introducing 7 visitors gathered
to give their feedback on a public institution

Introducing Giant’s Yard.

Shown for the first time in 2017 at Cité du design of Saint Étienne, Giant’s Yard is partitioned in three works.

The first one, the Giant’s head is the full size model (3 meters wide and 2 meters high) of a cylindrical monument shaped, as its name indicates, like a giant head. In the story of Giant’s Yard, this giant monument is designed to represent the citizens of a State, and substitute itself over politicians who can easily betray the will of the people.

The second work, two 1:30 scale models, allows Adel to paint the picture of this monumental institution. Advertised as a new regional landmark to be visited for free, Giant’s Yard is actually intending to trap visitors in those giant heads. Gathered around a dining table, visitors are expected to share a free meal but for the most part, discuss and argue over local political issues. Inhabited by his citizens, the giant then draws the essence of their thoughts and their will becomes law. Lunch over, doors unlock, everybody gets out.

The third work, Giant’s Yard 2017 Featurette, is a 14'' short film. It introduces seven visitors, invited to take part in a feedback session of Giant’s Yard, before it is even built. Interviewed in talking heads, these characters will, one after the other, give their opinion on the matter. Allergic to food, claustrophobic, too lazy to care, hungry for more, these visitors will challenge every aspect of Giant’s Yard, and there won’t be any holding back.



  • ♥ Ironworker La Belle a Fer, thanks to the financial help of the Schueller Bettencourt Fondation and Marie Descourtieux
  • ♥ Thomas Noël
  • ♥ Sophie Rentien Lando
  • ♥ Gilles Drouault, from Galerie de Multiples
  • Villa Belleville’s Wood Workshop
  • ♥ Ludlow Avenue Workshops & staff
  • ♥♥ Morgane Le Doze
  • ♥♥ Nicolas Ghyselen
  • ♥♥ Andrés Baron
  • ♥ Lauren Manville
  • ♥ Jack Ryder
  • ♥ Mercedes Yearley
  • ♥ Queenie Tassel
  • ♥ Gil Soltz
  • ♥ Alton D.Terry
  • ♥ Robert Pickering
  • ♥ Laura England
  • ♥ Eloise Brink
  • ♥ Roger Surridge
  • ♥ Laura England

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