Gov’jam Adel Cersaque Lire en Français

Day 1 - 8am to 1pm: Introducing

Day 1, 2, 3 - 1pm to 2pm: Having lunch

Day 1, 2, 3 lunches: Shouting, arguing and planning

Day 4 - from 6pm to 10pm: Breaking in the headmaster’s office

Day 5, 6, 7 - from 12pm to 3am: Making peace on the platform

Day 7 - from 0am to 3am: Making noise

Facing the questionnable urgency of participative innovation and its means like service design, invading up to our institutions; Adel Cersaque came on to put together the Gov’Jam workshop: Gov’Jam, a political story. By making new use of the mediation tools of service design (as in fast learning, express repeated deadlines and framed debates), its goal was thus not to design small scale institutional tools but rather to rethink, as a whole and all bouderies aside, a brand new political system in seven days.

Framing these few days of intense production, the dinner table became the set of a three and a half hour lecture, three lunchs and long lively debates throughout which a dozen of students with undefined political views exposed real political desires through storytelling.

Their tale took the form of an “allohistory”: by making the 2010’s belgian political crisis last for a hundred years, they shaped a new direct democracy based on online agoras. The story, however, consciously depicted the system from its birth to its fall.


    Lunchs, talks and workshop:

  • February 3-7, 2014
    École des Arts Décoratifs de Paris's blue screen
  • Exhibition of the student's works:

  • February 3rd 2014
    Vacant headmaster's office of the ENSAD
    March 26-29, 2014
    La Générale, for collective exhibition SUB, Paris


  • ♥ Students: Meghann Biteau, Louise Drulhe, Sarah Garcin, Pablo Hnatow, Paul Diemunsch, Victor Lebeau, Florian Pentsch, Hubert Poirot-Bourdain, Lucas Ribeyron, Jules Vaulont, Clément Valette, Mehdi Vilquin, Robin Bantigny, Jérémie Rentien.
  • ♥ Ruedi Baur
  • ♥ Pierre-Yves Dougnac
  • ♥ The SUB' exhibition staff
  • ♥ Baptist Penetticobra
  • ♥ Long gone Headmaster of the ENSAD
  • ♥ Ombline Ley

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