Preparation of a naked soil strip, Inauguration of a naked soil strip

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Preparation of a naked soil strip
of a naked soil strip Adel Cersaque Français

The strip of bare soil is a conservation technique for insects;
particularly solitary bees

The plant cover has been removed, then
he soil is compacted by the dancers

The “Plinn” dance was used as a way to level houses’ grounds

Credits: Images shot by © Manon Riet

The Solitary bee bread, a crumpet made out of spelt sourdough on a bed of
buckwheat seeds; dandelion salted butter

The Soft Protest Digest is a research collective associating Danish farmer and artist Nickie Sigurdsson with Adel Cersaque.

The Soft Protest Digest was invited in August 2020 to take part in the SETU performance festival near the village of Ergué-Gabéric, in Cornwall, Brittany.
The use of "strips of bare soil" is relatively new in insect conservation techniques; in particular solitary bees, essential pollinators nesting in the soil. Curious to evaluate the potential of this practice, the collective decided to experiment with a local farmer, Christian Toullec, founder of the Cidrerie Mélénig. Once the plant cover has been removed, the soil is normally easily compacted with a tracer, but it is precisely this step that was chosen to host a ritual. Dancer Yuna Postic helped us determine which dance would best fit the task of tamping the bare earth, and it was the “Plinn” that caught our attention.

♦ “The Preparation of a naked soil strip”, 20 meters long, at the festival venue (educational farm), was done on the first day of SETU.
♦ The next day, “the Inauguration of a naked soil strip ” was introduced by a text read next to the strip. Then, we invited all the visitors to learn the steps of the “Plinn”. Soon after, following one another from start to end, silently across the strip. By doing so, they stamped and prepared the soil for pollinators to dig their winter burrows in. Soon after they tasted the Solitary bee bread. It was served with dandelion salted butter and pommeau syrup. Participants received small packages of seeds from melliferous plants along instructions to prepare a naked soil strip at home.


    From 20th to 24th of August 2020

  • Residency in the village of Ergué-Gabéric, housed in the agricultural high school.
  • From 24th to 30th of August 2020

  • Preparation and performance on the pastures of Morgane's educational farm.


  • ♥♥ Christian Toullec
  • ♥♥ Yuna Postic
  • ♥♥ Association Setu:
  • ♥ Morgane Besnard
  • ♥ Guillaume Pellay
  • ♥ Thomas Delahaye
  • ♥ Margaux Parillaud
  • ♥ Barbara Huneau

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